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Moment with Children

These things to do with kids

Spending time with children

Children are their parents' little treasures, and every parent wants to give his or her children a happy, healthy childhood. But because we are busy with work, we often neglect to take as good care of our children as we would like. Doing the following activities, however, is sure to bring you closer to your children.


Exploring nature in a 100,000-square-meter space

Children's hearts are a pure and beautiful new world, and children become full of curiosity and a desire to explore whenever they encounter any fresh, new things. Strange stones, flowers, and birds are nature's gift to mankind; when children get close to nature in this setting, they will appreciate the wonder of life.

The garden-like environment within the hotel frequently attracts plant lovers, and we have marked all the different plants with their names and brief introductions, letting children learn more about plants as they play.

There also small rabbits that can interact with children!


Truly unique parent-child DIY sessions

Childhood is the best time for cultivating children's thinking ability and manual skills. We offer many parent-child DIY sessions for visitors to take part in!

Succulent plant DIY

Handmade environmentally-friendly carrying bags

Bracelet keyring DIY


New outdoor experiences that will leave the whole family smiling

The grounds of the Tongli Lakeview Hotel are spacious and beautiful; touring the outdoor gardens is an excellent choice for family enjoyment.

Family Kayaking


Shared sports fun

Our sports options are so numerous that you will have trouble choosing

Children's pool

Children's playground


Golf driving range

Heated swimming pool


InterpretingChina's cultural style

Tongli Lakeview Hotel has been acclaimed a museum available for fun and lodging, and there are unusual stones of various kinds within the hotel.


Daguan  Garden is a major attraction within the hotel, and features four distinct seasons and a serene atmosphere.

The various exhibitions held in the hospital throughout the year provide excellent opportunities to expand children's cultural knowledge.

When you get tired, everyone in the family can go to the Green-Laundering House to drink tea, read books, and relax their mind and spirit.


Pass a sweet moment sipping afternoon tea


Special holiday activities

 We also other holiday celebration activities, so continue to watch our activity schedule!