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Moment for Lovers

9 things to do for couples

Nine things to do at Tongli Lake to treasure with your beloved:

1. Lakeside path

No matter whether morning, afternoon, or evening, you can stroll on the unique South China walking path amidst the shady willows by the edge of Tongli Lake, and enjoy a private moment as a couple. As the willows sway in the springtime, let the gentle breeze caress your face, while the catkins drift down around you like April snow. Smell the fragrance of the sweet osmanthus blossoms in the fall, and gaze at the piles of fruit along the path, as you savor profound joy and contentment.


2. Waiting for the dawn

At any room with a view of the lake at Tongli Lakeview Hotel, you can open your curtains in the early morning and watch the sun slowly rise over the lake. But we still recommend the "Dragon Viewing Pavilion" as the best place to watch the sunrise. Come out in the pearly light of dawn to wait for the first rays of the sun to appear over the lake, and create a memory that you will both long remember.


3. Listening to the water at the Jiuqu bridge

After night falls, the Jiuqu bridge is lit up like a jade belt spanning the surface of the lake. Come take a stroll on the bridge, listen to the sound of the water gently lapping against the bridge pilings, and experience a moment of inexpressible romance under the twinkling stars.


4. Wall of love

By the side of Jiuqu bridge, you + I = ? This spot is waiting for you to come for a cuddle, romantic moment, or a bit of humor or fun!


5. Irodoriya Japanese Cuisine

The head chef at this restaurant skillfully prepares dishes on the spot from the freshest ingredients. Come sample the exquisite Japanese cuisine at Irodoriya with your lover.


6. Enjoy physical and mental relaxation at the SPA

Enjoy the warm experience of being pampered together at Lizi's Spa. The spacious, comfy two-person spa rooms allow couples to soak in a rose petal bath or enjoy a full-body essential oil massage while being served by skilled professional masseurs. This is your chance to relax in body and mind before enjoying the rest of your wonderful journey.


7. A bike ride by the waterside

Take a ride on one of the mountain bikes kept on hand at the hotel. Apart from going to see the Ancient Town, you can also take small paths through the countryside, explore hidden streams, go to the dock and take a boat to Luoxingzhou, investigate Tongli County  Wetlands Park, or discover some unnoticed riverside house or old bridge Savor a journey of true freedom together.


8. Afternoon tea and books at the Green-Laundering House

Enjoy a pot of tea in the Jiangnan garden, with the green waves of Tongli Lake just outside the window, and share a plate of pastries. There are more than a thousand books on hand for your reading pleasure, and you can chat or maybe record where you have read to with a bookmark. Your time spent here will be one of fulfillment, and your deliciously idle moments will flow by like a stream.


9. Viewing the flowers and scenery

When the peonies are in bloom, come to the courtyard to enjoy the scenery and dream about Liu Mengmei in the play "The Peony Pavilion." Nothing is more romantic than a spring day in the Jiangnan area, and the shores of Tongli  Lake are adorned with brilliant peonies when the flowers are in bloom. Bright rapeseed flowers, plum blossoms, cherry blossoms, peach blossoms, tulips, and flowering apple trees also add color to the area. Being surrounded by a sea of flowers makes this place even more breathtakingly romantic.