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On the south-west corner of the hotel, “Daguan  Garden” is using ancient and modern contraction to create an interesting environment to the guests. This classical Chinese garden has used a lot of old pillars, old wood, old bricks within the windows, doors, bridges and corridors. We have brought the ancient elegance to a brand new garden.


The use of “Daguan” as the name of the garden and main building, means that the viewpoint is profound, and indicates we should feel at ease under all circumstance. The name of galleries and pavilions of the garden is given by the Famous writer Zhang Dachun in Taiwan. The calligraphies are all in original complex form of Chinese characters.


Nowadays, the garden is a place of exhibition and teahouse for hotel's guests.




Green-laundering house (Book & Tea)

"浣" means launder in Chinese. "碧" means clean water in Chinese, and in Chinese culture, we always describes clean water as green water. This Green-laundering pavilion is facing the Tong-li lake, it is a place for you and your dearest ones to enjoy tea and the peace.



Daguan mansion

On the central of the garden, "Daguan" as the name of the garden signifies a man's well-known of the world and knowledge, it also has a meaning of "to take the world as it is". 



The weaving lady cottage

"Men farm and Women weave" is a beautiful picture in Chinese people's mind when they think about a wonderful family. There's a famous fairy tale about the weaving lady's love story. The weaving lady also became a guardian of couples, women and children. This cottage is often used as girls' room.


达观园小图_画板 1.png

Spring comes to South-east

The famous calligraphist from Song dynasty Mi-Fu had wrote a famous poem about the view of the Chui-hong bridge in Wu-jiang has been destroyed.The Chui-hong bridge in the poem resonates with the Chui-hong pavilion in the other side of the hotel.



Plum blossom in occasion

"槑" is an ancient word of plum in Chinese. Plum is reckoned by Chinese as a divine plant, because of it can survive through cold winter and having an elegant form when it blossoms. There are two plum trees in the corridor, it only blossoms about 2-3 months within the whole year, the fragrance spreads in the the yard when in its blossom season.  


Platform with waves

The small platform besides the pound offers the guests to enjoy the water sounds of the pound and to look at the fish. "Solving problems like finding the clue, watching tide like playing with the small waves of pound." It is a place that offers you a sense of "Daguan", which is "to take the world as it is", and forget about the problems.



Di yard

"砥(Di)" is a kind of very fine grindstone. There are a lot do strange stones in the yard, the strange stones in the yard signify the fine grindstone, which is to convey the idea of grinding one's behavior to perfection, having the endurance of being honest and fair to the world.



Zhuo-Ju cottage

"琢(Zhou)" is a Chinese word we use when we describe to carve the jade. Writing a masterpiece of article is just like carving the jade, therefore the name of the cottage is "Zhuo-Ju", which means carving the sentences. There are four cottages, which you can enjoy beautiful stones and art in.




Fine Jade corridor

A sentence from famous Shi-jing "Giving me great fruit, returning back with fine jade." The fruit that has mentioned in Shi-jing is now planted right beside the corridor. Using this name for the corridor is to bring out the spirit of treating each other with respect.




Clouds-brushing pavilion

The name of the pavilion comes from a poem of Du-Fu "If one doesn't cut the natural growth of a bamboo, it will grow until its leaves touch the clouds". Clouds-brushing pavilion is just tall like bamboo. It is for guests to come and sit to relax to the view of clouds and sky.





"雨前" means before the rain. It is a kind of Spring tea made of the fine and young tea leaves in Spring, it is one of the finest tea in China. Spring-rain-listening pavilion is shaped like boat, it is a place for you to enjoy a cup of tea, especially in a rainy day in the Spring.




Boiling over the clouds

The pavilion is facing the clouds-brushing pavilion. It is a great place for you to enjoy the views of beautiful clouds and views of the garden. Having a peace of mind in your leisure time.