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Tongli is situated in Wujiang county of Suzhou province. Located near the Taihu Lake and on the eastern shore of ancient canal. Tongli itself is surrounded by eight lakes of Wujiang city, which are Tongli, Jiuli, Chenghu, Muzhuang, Baiyan, Yeze, Nanxing, Pangshanhu.

Tongli's history can be dated back to 6 thousand years ago.  The Songze Culture was founded at the lakeside, which explains in the ancient times Tongli is already a well-developed  community. It was named "Futu", which means the rich land, during the pre-Qing dynasty, later in Tang dynasty changed its name to "Tongli" which means the copper county, and the name has been used until today.

Tongli is perfectly located in the centre of Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou. It is only 1 hour away from Shanghai Hongqiao airport, is connected to Highway G50, G42 and Freeway Sujiahang, perfectly convenient for both leisure and business trips.


 [Yangtze Delta business Area]

Shanghai Hongqiao airport                                   80KMs

Shanghai Pudong airport                                    150KMs

Suzhou Wuzhong Economics developing area   10 KMs

SuzhouSingaporeindustrial Site                          20 KMs

Suzhou Gaoxin Area                                           25 KMs

Kunshan                                                               48KMs

Wuxi                                                                     76KMs

Changzhou                                                         120KMs

Hanzhou                                                             160KMs

Nanjing                                                               230KMs


[Scenic Sites]

Tongli ancient town                                               1 KMs

Luoxingzhou                                                      1.5 KMs

Xiaotianhu forrest park                                       13 KMs

Suzhou old city                                                   30 KMs

East Tai lake                                                       20 KMs

Zouzhuang ancient town                                    20 KMs

Luzhi ancient town                                             25 KMs

Mudu ancient town                                             30 KMs

Guangfu ancient town                                        40 KMs