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7 Treasure
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  • Suzhou old house

    Every tile and brick was marked with number, traditional Suzhou house builders put every brick back. An old piece of the history was therefore restored.

  • Taihu stone &Ginkgo tree

    The giant Taihu stone shapes like a small mountain, besides it stands a Ginkgo tree which has been hit by thunder but remain sturdy and vigorous.

  • Hitching post pillars

    The pillars are authentic stone-carved art from the Northern China. They used a lot of symbol of luck and fortune in these pillars.

  • Guangxi Black stone

    The black stones came from 1500 kilometres away. They are now used as the paving stone of the lakeside or building stone of ponds.

  • Hundred pomegranate trees

    There are hundreds of pomegranate trees all over 60 years old, the ruby fire balls become an unique decoration of the hotel.