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Ziga Zaga Café
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Ziga Zaga Café

Ziga Zaga Café  

Under special circumstances,Breakfast is normally served,a buffet dinner of Southeast Asian food is served every Saturday (17:30-20:30), lunch and dinner are closed

Ziga Zaga is a romantic restaurant with exotic atmosphere, showing the elegant humanized design and offering wide variety of international delicacies. Listening to the graceful foreign melody and taking a sip of wine during the dinner to enjoy the royal courtesy.


Room Services:06:30-21:00

[Business Scope] Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Night snack (hot)

[Opening Hours] Breakfast 06:30- 10:00

                            Lunch&Dinner 11:00-21:00

[Area]  445 ㎡

[Seats] 180

[Order] a la carte (15% service charge for additional)

[Reservation] 0512-6333 7888 Ext. 5810