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[Concierge Service]

Located in the Lobby, which provides the following services:

- Limousine Service 

- tourist information

- check luggage

- call taxi

- package delivery / express

- mail postcard

- recerve the exhibition & culture guide tour of hotel

- shuttle bus from lobby to hotel gate

- ticket of Tongli ancient town

The Concierge serve 24 hours, ext 5603, room phone direct number 3


[Limousine Services]

We provides the following vehicles:

- JINLONG luxury bus (49 seats)

- COSTER Middle-sized bus (20 seats)

- BUICK  vehicle (7 seats)

- JINBEI vehicle (9 seats)

- BENZES car (4 seats)

Call Concierge for booking ext 5603


[Business Center]

Next to the reception desk, which provides the following services:

- copy

- printing

- scanning

- fax

- book biding and plastic processing

- air ticket booking (2 days in advance)

- computer renting (with internet)

- meeting room rental (4-10 persons)

Business Center opening hour 08:30-21:00, ext 5606

[Room Guest Service]

- laundry and shoes polishing service

- 24-hour room service

- baby bed

- medical treatment arrangement

- free WIFI


[Other Service]

- bouquet ordering

- cake ordering (Milano Bakery)

[Internet Access Service Terms and Conditions]

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before using the wired and/or wireless Internet access service at Tongli Lakeview Hotel:

1. Users acknowledge and agree that usage of this Service is at their own risk, shall take care of personal information and data, so as to avoid illegally obtained by others or use;

2. Users shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations with respect to the use of the Service, no using this Service for accessing websites containing obscene or indecent materials, no transmitting pornography, sexually explicit, obscene or indecent content or materials, or engaging in unlawful acts;

3. User expressly acknowledges that there are, and assumes all responsibility related to, the security, privacy and confidentiality risks inherent in wireless communications and technology and Tongli Lakeview Hotel does not make any assurances or warranties relating to such risks.

4. Due to security and safety reasons, the hotel may suspend and/or cease User's access to this Service at any time without notice, including violation of any of the Terms of this Agreement,  using this Service to perform any unlawful acts, causing inconvenience or annoyance to other persons when using this Service, or engaging in any activities that infringe the intellectual property rights of any person or entity. The hotel may take such actions as it considers appropriate against the User including without limitation referring the case to the relevant bodies;

5. The hotel may, at its sole discretion remove, block, filter or restrict any access to any materials and/or web site over or through the Service.