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Tongli Lakeview Hotel was launched in 2004, which proudly presents the Jiangnan Chinese Garden spirit in its 100,000 square meters venue.

The main structure of the hotel is putting a few crucial concepts: The shape of jade and the structure of Hakka earth building complex. The colors of the architecture are mixed with Suzghou garden culture and Shanghai Mansion.  Hotel presents a collection of rare Chinese stone, antique and precious cultural heritage. Hotel is not only equipped with state-of-the-art facilities but also offers guests a tranquil Chinese cultural elegant atmosphere.  

The hotel has been rated as a "Golden leaf green travel hotel" by Chinese National Tourism Administration. Which means it holds a belief of sustainability, green production, green consumption and green service. Many "Golden leaf" hotels in China have already used these green  concepts.

However, Tongli Lakeview Hotel has done much more than that. As strolling in the yard, you will also see old trees saved by gardeners, old parts of Suzhou house, and ancient paving stone with hundreds of years history. These precious heritages from different dynasties and varied places have found their new lives here and will live with our descendants for more centuries. 


2000-2001  Choosing location

2002 Jan. - Break ground

2004 Jul.  - Accomplished the first project (including restaurant, meeting room, wellbeing centre and 247 rooms)

2005 Oct. - Accepted the rating of 5-star hotel

2007 Dec. - Ugraded to "Golden-leaf Green Travel Hotel"

2010 Oct.  - Accomplished the second project (including new international conference centre, restaurant and 256 rooms)

2012 Apr.  - Daguan Garden opened with exhibition "New Horizon of The Peony Pavilion"

2012 Jun.  - The TV serial(2013) was shot in Tongli Lakeview Hotel and surrounding Scenic Attractions

2012 Sep. - Profiled in Chinese Conference magazine for "the most influential Chinese conference hotel"

2013 Apr.  - Stone Stories "HuangLongYu Collection Exhibition" opened

2013 May - Profiled in Time Out (Shanghai) magazine for "the best Jiangnan cultural and eco hotel"

2013 Aug. - Profiled in Shanghai First Financal magazine for "the best Jiangnan destination hotel"

2014 Mar. - Stone Stories "Gebi Agate Collection Exhibition" opened

2014 Apr.  - Reconditioned Ziga Zaga restaurant and Lizi club 

2015 Mar. - Stone Stories "Balin Stone Seals Collection Exhibition" opened

2015 Sep. - Profiled in "the most popular lakeside resort hotel" in East China by the 12th Golden Pillow Award of China's Hotels

2015 Sep. - Suxianman Art Gallery & Antique Art Collection Exhibition Series is opened in Daguan Garden

2015 Nov. - Profiled in Travel Info magazine for "the best eco hotel"

2015 Nov. - Profiled in Explore magazine for "Suzhou top ten hotels award"

2016 Sep. - Profiled in "the best culture themes resort hotel" in East China by the 13th Golden PillowAward of China's Hotels

2016 Oct. - Received the “International Forum on Energy Transitions” hold by the National Energy Administration

2016 Nov. - Profiled in "the best cultural themed hotel" by 2016 Best Hotel Prize Jury and Academy

2017 Mar. - Profiled in Travel & Leisure for "the best healthy-lifestyle hotel"

2017 May - Profiled in "China's top 10 most popular resort hotels" by 2017 China's Tourism and Hotel Award

2017 Sep. - Stone Stories "Taiwan's Viewing Stone Collection Exhibition" opened

2017 Sep. - Profiled in  the best conference resort in East China by the 14th Golden Pillow Award of China's Hotels
2017 Oct. - Profiled in Golden Camel Outstanding Convention Hotels Award by the first World MICE Day

2018 Jun.  -Reconditioned Kafka restaurant 

2018 Jul.  -Reconditioned Executive Suite and Family Rooms 

2018 Sep. - Profiled in  the most popular parent-child resont hotel in East China by the 15th Golden Pillow Award of China's Hotels

2018 Nov. - Profiled in the best cultural themed hotel by 2018 Best Hotel Prize Jury and Academy 

2019 Jan.  - Profiled in the best resort hotel by 2018 Travelling scope The 2nd Stars Awards 

2019 Feb.  - Profiled in the best parent-child  resort  hotel by YAOCHUFA 

2019 Feb.  - Received the“Guest Review Awards 2018”by Booking .com

2019 Apr. - Profiled in Travel & Leisure for " the best parent-child  resort  hotel"

2019 Jun.  - Stone Stories "Coral Fossils Collection Exhibition" opened

2019 Sep. - Profiled in  the most popular parent-child resont hotel in East China by the 16th Golden Pillow Award of China's Hotels

2021 Jul-Profiled in Win Cultural Garden Resort Hotel of the Year in Greater China by Plartinum Travelle by 2021 ANNUAL AWARD

2021 MAR-Profiled in Best Resort Hotel by 2020 MEITUAN HOTEL

2021 MAR-Profiled in MUST-STAY-HOTEL by 2020

2019 Dec.- Profiled in the best parent-child  resort  hotel by 2019 Best Hotel Prize Jury and Academy 

2019 Sep.- Profiled in 2019 TOP FAMILY HOTELS AND RESORTS by Cbkkid

2019 Sep. - Profiled in Customer Review Awards 2019 by Agoda

Our Logo

The logo of the hotel is an oval-shaped moving cloud and flowing water. It resonates the outlook structure of the hotel, also speaks its impression of locating right close to the Tongli Lake. The logo is a visualization of the water and architecture concepts, using the combination of gold and silver to create a modern touch and a strong visual impact, also representing the high self-requirements of the hotel. We also add a Chinese calligraphy touch into the design, which shows the tenderness and splendid spirit of Jiangnan culture.

Architecture Design

The main structure of the hotel is designed by Architecture World from Taiwan. Using a few crucial concepts: The shape of jade and the structure of Hakka earth building complex. The colors of the architecture mixed the Jiangnan garden culture with Shanghai Mansion.


Shape - Jade

Tongli's history can be dated back to 6000 years ago. During mid 1970s, there was the  "Song-ze Culture", which was famous for its jade-ware. Tongli has been an abundant and rich society since then. Hotel is using the shape of jade jue (half-circle shaped are jade artefacts) as the design concept of the hotel. It offers you to indulge into the vibe of traveling back to the ancient time.


Structure - Hakka earth building complex

The structure design of the hotel is originally derived from Hakka earth building complex, using core concepts of: The central axis, yard design and aisle design, and putting all the concepts together to create a beautiful and modern building.

Hotel's first project was putting the main building of the rooms, using the circle structure - inner circle as public area, outer circle as accommodation. The public area includes the lobby, restaurants, well-being centre, boutiques, gallery, meeting rooms, etc. The second project is using the squared earth building complex.

Hakka earth building complex of Fujian province has already became world cultural heritage, it is one of the most characteristic housing styles of China and of the world. Nowadays, we know very little about this authentic way of living, the hotel is bringing this concept to its design to provide guests this authentic living style experience. 


Color - White wall, Gray tile and Coral brick  

As you traveling in Jiangnan, you will always be drawn into the elegant combination of the white wall/gray tile architectures. Buildings in Jiangnan has always using this minimalism spirit to create harmony with the nature, which resonate the concept of Chinese garden planning philosophy.

The outlook of Tongli Lakeview Hotel is using these two minimalism colors but also using a special-made kiln burned bricks to create a similar looking of ancient Shanghai mansions. This combination brings a visual freshness to guests staying at the hotel.