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8 Scenery
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  • Gardening spirit

    The Chinese gardening spirit appreciatesis to create an ideal living environment for human-beings to relax, to live, to walk and to look.

  • Daguan Garden

    This classical Chinese garden contains a lot of traditional techniques, it provides a scenery in every of your step.

  • Plum blossoms along the river

    Ther are about 20 some plum trees with multiple color of flower by the river, bring out an image of perseverance and elegance.

  • Tide-listening at the Jiuqu bridge

    When walking on the bridge, you would hear the tide and see the fish swimming in the lake. During the night, it lights up like the glittering jade across the water.

  • Luoxing island - holy land of the lake

    On the southern-west side, a small island named “Luoxing” floats on the lake. The island is a holy land that gathers Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism.