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Daguan Garden

This classical Chinese garden contains a lot of traditional techniques such as “arabesque windows”, “winding corridors”, “paved surface”, ”stacking stone”,  “framed scenery”, “borrowed scene”, “corresponding scene”, “leaving-out scene”, it provides a scenery in every of your step.

The use of “Daguan” as the name of the garden and main building, means that the viewpoint is profound, and indicates we should feel at ease under all circumstance. The galleries and pavilions are named and calligraphed by a famous Taiwanese author Chang Ta-chuen.

“Catering to all seasons” is a traditional rule that the garden followed when it was built. In spring it is full of blossoms of cherry, plum, peach, camellia, Yulan magnolia, Chinese redbud and Chinese flowering apple, then in late spring it follows mudan, pomegranate in summer, maple in autumn, plum blossoms in winter.