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Moment with Friends

Moment with Friends

Sharing fun with friends

Ten things to do at Tongli Lake that will cement your friendship with your buddies:

1. Morning exercise

When the air is fresh in the early morning, you can jog a circuit of the 3.2-4.5 km running path along the shore of Tongli Lake, or practice Qi Gong in the center of Rainbow Pavilion, and absorb the essence of sun and moon. Our indoor health room and heated swimming pool are also good ways to start the day full of energy.


2. Kayaking

You can take a kayak out from our private dock onto the dazzling emerald waters of Tongli  Lake for a vigorous excursion or idle drifting. With Luoxingzhou in the background, the scenery on the lake is serenely beautiful. When the weather is favorable, our professional trainer and lifeguard will accompany you, and each kayak will contain one person.


3. Arts exhibitions

The Tongli Lakeview Hotel holds various kinds of exhibitions throughout the year, and admission is free of charge on Fridays, Saturdays, and holidays. Interpretive personnel are on hand at the exhibitions, which provide wonderful opportunities to hone one's art appreciation and immerse oneself in culture.


4. Afternoon tea

Share a cappuccino by the lake at the Kafka Restaurant, or savor Biluochun green tea together at Green-Laundering House/Tea & Books. Tongli Lakeview Hotel offers both British-style afternoon tea and Chinese-style afternoon tea options every afternoon.(The Tea House is close on Mondays ) Come pass the afternoon in enjoy casual conversation in a beautiful setting.


5. Dining at the Irodoriya Japanese Restaurant

The Irodoriya Restaurant features a wide array of dishes with exquisite seasoning, and there are over 100 items on the menu. Regardless of whether you like sashimi or beer on tap, bring your friends and enjoy the fine food and drink to your heart's content!


6. Karaoke

The Starlight KTV contains luxury private rooms that can accommodate from 2 to 40 persons. Our KTV is a great spot for a night of karaoke with friends. Regardless of whether you want a raucous time or sentimental release, you wont be lonely singing here together with your friends!


7. Golf/sports

Regardless of whether you choose our semi-open-air golf driving range, outdoor basketball court/tennis court, or indoor pool, badminton, and ping-pong, sports is superlative way of cementing friendships.


8.Tongli Ancient  Town

The most beautiful time of the day in Tongli Ancient  Town is when the sun is sinking in the west and the colored lanterns are being raised. This is the best time for avoiding crowds while escaping the hot mid-day sun. Admission tickets are not needed to enter the Ancient  Town after five o'clock (visitors cannot tour scenic attractions after this time, however). The hotel is only 200 meters away from the northern gate of the Ancient Town. You and your friends can go take a look in the cool evening air, and spend a relaxing time enjoying the vibrant ambience of the Ancient Town.


9. Taoran Foot Massage House

Providing foot massage service, the Taoran Foot Massage House contains private rooms accommodating 2-5 persons. After a day full of fulfilling enjoyment, you can enjoy the exquisite services of a foot therapist with good friends in a relaxed setting, and thoroughly erase your fatigue from the day.