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Upside Down & Inside Out - The Story of British Artists(Finished)

Upside Down & Inside Out is the lastest exhibition held by LanArt gallery in Britain, following the Five Contemporary Artists Exhibition and China Britain Art Exchange Exhibition.

The exhibition includes four British contemporary arts whose works ard widely collected and exhibited around the world, featuring the winning work from the National Portrait Gallery. A richly diverse and enigmatic genre of art, including portraiture, figurative painting, landscape and sculpture, will lead you to a painterly imterpretation among the artists. 

Artists: Perdita Sinclair、Allan Ramsay、Paige Bradley、Jonathan Purday & Candice Van Buul. 



10-25, June, 2017

 Stone Stories Hall, Tongli Lakeview Hotel

Curator: Qinlan YE

by Lan Art Gallery UK