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Lakeside Plaza
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Lakeside Plaza [3D display]

The open-air ecological square is near to Tongli Lake with beautiful scenery and broad horizon in there a small bridge is over the flowing stream. We can hold outdoor ceremonious wedding party here before evening banquet. Earth, blue sky, sunshine, green grass, little flower are all together blessing the marriage.

Just imagine, marrying couple can appear from the arch which decorated with green grass, fresh flower and green leaves in the embrace of nature. Many neat long tables placed with fresh flowers and delicious food are in the square. The bride dressed with white wedding dress will be very beautiful. The marrying couple will accept blessing from relatives and friends under brilliant sunshine, blue sky on green lawn. Children are playing and lying on green lawn, enjoying nature. Everywhere is brimming with cheerfully, jubilation's atmosphere in this memorable day.

Area: 4500 ㎡

Seats: 500-800

Reservation:0512- 6333 7888 ext 5860~5863


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